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In This City EP

Enon In This City EP

(Touch & Go) Buy it from Insound Rating - 5/10

In This City is, I am reliably informed, a remix EP. This is probably to blame for the startling lack of content present. The case proudly boasts 7 tracks; on closer inspection, three of these are videos, three remixes of previous album tracks, and one brand new tune. This of course wouldn't matter, were the tracks particularly inspiring.

As it stands, two of the videos feature material from the previous Enon album High Society, and as such are uninspired punk-ish songs that seem forced. This isn't helped by the constant wacky-face pulling the members (bar the more restrained bassist/vocalist Toko Yasuda) present to the camera. The third is the video to the new 'Soap Mix' of In This City, the highlight of the CD, and also by far the best film clip. Higher production values shine through as the camera races through a futuristic city - because, see, you're 'In this City'. Clever, eh? - and flashes past so many images so fast you don't have time to do anything but stare on in wonder. The song itself is a passable affair, minimal electronics and a Stereolab-esque repeating bass line amble along as Yasuda provides lead vocal. The track is easy to like but nothing spectacular.

The rest of the EP passes without peaking much interest. The second mix of In This City is an uninspired 'chill-out' version (pointless considering the song is already pretty laid back), new song Murder Sounds is a basic relaxed instrumental jam, and the Inches dub sounds like your friend with the four-track recorded it over one weekend. None of it is particularly bad (except maybe Inches) but nor does it invite you to listen to it more than once. The most interesting aspect of this CD is the curious creature that is scrawled across the top of the disc. One suspects not the highlight Enon were aiming for.

Enon follow this release with an album in September. Perhaps with a bit more content this relaxed electro-rock will sound better, though judging from this EP, it'll probably have three originals, a remix and two videos. Oh, and your mate's dub.