Wolf Alice Blue Weekend

On their lush, expansive third LP, the North London quartet focus outward rather than inward—conveying their twentysomething unease in a way that's welcoming and not austere.

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

twenty one pilots Scaled and Icy

Given how much effort the Columbus, Ohio duo give into their album concepts, it's genuinely surprising how uninteresting their sixth LP sounds on the surface. 

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Eric Church Heart & Soul

The Nashville-based country musician's triple album is a gamble in terms of length and ambition, filled with goofy experiments, clichés, his lovely voice, and some slightly awkward production.

Ethan Gordon reviews...

Sharon Van Etten epic Ten

The celebration of Sharon Van Etten's epic loses much of what makes the original great, but there are moments of revelation in these covers.

Matthew Smith reviews...


Monsterwatch cranks up the fuzz on Noise You Will Never Care About (First Listen)

Listen to the Seattle trio's blistering new EP a full day before its official release. 

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Quick Takes (February 2021)

We're back with our first Quick Takes of 2020! Juan Edgardo Rodríguez, alongside writers Mark Moody, Peter Quinton, and Simon Sweeney, once again revisit a handful of albums that caught their attention during the past month. This month's selections include Cassandra Jenkins, Maxïmo Park, Black Country, New Road, and more. 

Cassandra Jenkins leads this month's picks...

Latest Believe the Hype Pick

Dry Cleaning New Long Leg

New Long Leg was constructed in pieces on a wiped-down, passed-around tape deck—the new pandemic normal. It could easily have suffered for it, but the production is masterful. On Unsmart Lady, the tracks are layered so purposefully that when the guitar trickles away every few measures leaving a moment of bare bass, it’s like a curtain of water parting. It yields the floor for Shaw’s punchiest lyric (“If you like a girl, be nice/it’s not rocket science,”) before dissolving into a fiercely rugged but painfully short guitar riff that takes us breathlessly up and over the climax and into the denouement. This push and pull between instruments and vocals, cleverly punctuated with just the right amount of silence, is what gives New Long Leg its seductive tension.

Quick Takes

Garbage No Gods No Masters

Since the early 2000s, every Garbage release has felt like a minor comeback. Starting with their 2005 LP Bleed Like Me, the electronic rockers...

Erika de Casier Sensational

On her 4AD debut, Erika de Casier channels a very specific part of the world at a very specific time.