Weyes Blood And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

With individual song credits listing up to seventeen muscians, And In The Darkness, Heart Aglow leaves Natalie Mering’s prior works somewhere in its monstrous wake.

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Alex G God Save the Animals

The indie rock singer-songwriter “God” references the deity Himself on his ninth LP, even if it may allude to something less defined but equally potent: the simple belief that man can do good.

Carlo Thomas reviews...

Alvvays Blue Rev

The world is accelerating. Can this charming and likeable Toronto quintet keep up? You bet they can!

David Coleman reviews…

Skullcrusher Quiet the Room

Equally transcendent and grounded in reality, the chamber folk-meets-ambient debut fronted by Helen Ballentine reminds us of the hurt and the wonder of recapturing lost youth.

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I Am The Cosmos: Chris Bell and The Secrets That (Mostly) Don’t Exist

This article was first pitched to No Ripcord 19 years ago and we are delighted to finally publish it today. As much a rumination on ageing and music discovery as it is a tribute to Big Star legend Chris Bell, this is simply a brilliant piece of music writing.

Thank you to Weston Cutter for your patience, understanding, and generosity.

Quarantine the Past: Alvvays Special Edition

David Coleman and Juan Rodríguez explore what makes Blue Rev, the sensational new album from Canada’s Alvvays, worthy of a rare perfect ten rating.

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Weyes Blood And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow

In a note to her fans, [Natalie] Mering has described And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow as the center of a trilogy of albums. One that contends with being in “the thick of it.” Whether the album’s themes are apparent when awed by the sonics that surrounds them is likely of little matter to most listeners. Mering has concocted a successor to Titanic Rising that any gambler worth their salt would have no doubt taken the under on.

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2nd Grade Easy Listening

On their 2nd LP, the Philly outfit embrace the sweeter, melodic side of power pop.

Lean Year Sides

On their second LP, the Virginia duo unleashes complex emotions in quiet torrents with aching honesty.