Banks The Altar

Banks’ second album, The Altar, exudes a brave, often melancholic narrative, making for a rewardingly insightful collection.

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EZTV High in Place

EZTV are a tight, versatile band that doesn't cut corners, who eschew the impersonal for color and a pounding pulse. Their latest, High in Place, brims with musical confidence.

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Roosevelt Roosevelt

The Cologne-born DJ's latest is a taut collection of songs that are deliriously easy to dip into again and again, and consistency is its mission statement.

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Warehouse Super Low

The Atlanta quintet's latest utilizes astute instrumental ideas to convey disquieting unease, even if you can't tell since they’re mostly performed with spirited conviction.

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Quick Takes (August 2016)

In our monthly Quick Takes feature, where we revisit a handful of notable albums we missed during the last month, Carl and Juan share their thoughts on new efforts by Wild Beasts, Cass McCombs, De La Soul, Crystal Castles, and many, many more.

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Leiber and Stoller: Blues Alchemists

Songwriters Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller bonded over their love for the blues, both responding to its vitality and emotional directness. Without it, it is unlikely that this odd couple would ever have worked together.

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Divorce Italian Style (1961)

Pietro Germi's 1961 comedy picked up awards at both Cannes and the Oscars. And remains a stylish gem today.

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Some Beasts (Cameron Bruce Nelson)

The Appalachian drama of a romantic couple weathering physical separation tenderly renders poetic truths about diverging paths in life and the meaning of family.

Grant Phipps "widens his gaze on the dews of a delicate world"...