Martin Courtney Magic Signs

The Real Estate co-founder's second solo album is stately and melodically rich, attempting to hearken back to the memories that get lost over time.

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Angel Olsen Big Time

On her country-tinged sixth LP, the versatile singer-songwriter doesn't turn away from the difficult situations that led her to the present—gratified to have overcome them while embracing the inevitable growth that begins to take root.

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Dehd Blue Skies

The Chicago-based trio's latest is an explorative work, one that shifts between the bedrock sounds of their previous album and the many ways they can expand on them.

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Arcade Fire WE

On WE, Arcade Fire reconnect with the cathartic, communal spirit that made them great. While there are some misses and flaws, the album is a reminder of what you love about this band. 

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Quarantine the Past: Just Like Heaven Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode of Quarantine the Past, Gabbie and Juan discuss their recent visit to the Just Like Heaven festival.

The Lexicon of Love at 40

David Coleman reflects on the enduring power of ABC's 1982 masterpiece, The Lexicon of Love.

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Latest Believe the Hype Pick

Spiritualized Everything Was Beautiful

Throughout his 30-year-run as the musical force behind Spiritualized, Jason Pierce has underplayed the space-rock project's ambitions with a touch of humor and pathos. On his ninth LP, the English musician continues to poke a little fun at his own expense, alluding to being in a state of perpetual medical dependence while reveling in the joy of being human.

Quick Takes

Market The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong

The debut LP by the Brooklyn indie rockers taps into singer-songwriter/producer Nate Mendelsohn's unease with touching insight.

Die! Die! Die! This Is Not An Island Anymore

The New Zealand noise-punk band’s seventh LP sees the original trio back together after a decade, signaling a refreshing step forward in...