Sharon Van Etten We've Been Going About This All Wrong

On her sixth full-length LP, the venerable singer-songwriter starts down the path of rebuilding her life after a period of flux.

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Spiritualized Everything Was Beautiful

On their ninth LP, Jason Pierce and his bandmates revel in the highs of being human with another orchestral masterwork that brims at every turn—that is, until the inevitable low hits.

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Jack White Fear of the Dawn

Whereas Boarding House Reach felt like a misdirection, an attempt to be experimental for the sake of seeing how far boundaries can be pushed, Fear of the Dawn allows the Nashville-based, Detroit native to mess around within more traditional songwriting sensibilities.

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Wet Leg Wet Leg

 Wet Leg’s hotly anticipated self-titled debut is no slapped-together producer’s vision of what the kids should like. Its authenticity is what makes it so addictive.

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Quarantine the Past #1

We're back in the podcast game.  In the inaugural episode of Quarantine the Past, Gabbie, Juan and Joe try to stop No Ripcord founder David Coleman from listening to 1970s power-pop by introducing some contemporary picks. Features Empath, Confidence Man, King Hannah and Cloakroom.

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Remembering SOPHIE

A year after the accident which proved fatal, No Ripcord looks back on the life and career of SOPHIE: a singular artist whose influence on the current musical landscape stretches far and wide.

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Latest Believe the Hype Pick

Spiritualized Everything Was Beautiful

Throughout his 30-year-run as the musical force behind Spiritualized, Jason Pierce has underplayed the space-rock project's ambitions with a touch of humor and pathos. On his ninth LP, the English musician continues to poke a little fun at his own expense, alluding to being in a state of perpetual medical dependence while reveling in the joy of being human.

Quick Takes

Market The Consistent Brutal Bullshit Gong

The debut LP by the Brooklyn indie rockers taps into singer-songwriter/producer Nate Mendelsohn's unease with touching insight.

Die! Die! Die! This Is Not An Island Anymore

The New Zealand noise-punk band’s seventh LP sees the original trio back together after a decade, signaling a refreshing step forward in...