Metric Pagans in Vegas

Metric's follow-up to 2012's Synthetica shows a disappointing decline away from heart-pounding dance-pop and into robotic, uninspired electronica peppered with some vestiges of the band's former glory.

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U.S. Girls Half Free

Meghan Remy's first album with 4AD is both a revelation and a breakthrough, one that finds Remy elevating her songwriting panache while carrying a certain mysticism that seems grounded in both plausibility and commonality.

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Skylar Spence Prom King

Prom King, the new album from Skylar Spence, revisits '80s music with all the youthful exuberance and bouncy sheen of the music that inspired it, shot through with a disco and contemporary dance influence that distinguishes it from the more conventional synth-pop artists currently crowding the indie market.

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Elbow Lost Worker Bee EP

Elbow's latest release finds them missing and singing about home the way that only this band can: with warmth, expressive lyrics and catchy melodies, all tinged with a sense of melancholy that this trip home will only last for so long. 

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Overlooked Albums #42: Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll

Blue Bell Knoll marked a turning point for Cocteau Twins, as it was the first record to receive major-label distribution in an already illustrious career.  

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Second Chance Selection: January-June 2015

What happens to those albums that we love that never make it onto the No Ripcord review pages for whatever reason? Here are the albums from the first half of 2015 that we haven't yet given the attention that they richly deserve...

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Home Cinema – Wojciech Has

The latest cult and classic home cinema releases, with a special focus this month on the films of Wojciech Has

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Spring (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead)

Aspiring to reach Linklater's signature emotional earnestness, this genre amalgamation of romance, science fiction, and black comedy fails to reconcile its disparate tones.

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