Purling Hiss Weirdon

Weirdon, the seventh album from Purling Hiss, is poppy enough for broader appeal and loud enough to sate the Drag City allegiant.  Enjoy.  I did.

Sean Caldwell reviews...

Perfume Genius Too Bright

With Too Bright, singer/songwriter Michael Hadreas unleashes the beast within him thanks to some glam and industrial sonic touches, all while maintaining the sensitive elegance his music is known for.

Peter Quinton reviews...

SBTRKT Wonder Where We Land

After an explosive debut, eclectic electronic producer Aaron Jerome returns for his sophomore release as SBTRKT.  The cover art is a sure-fire 10, but for music lovers, it's what's on the inside that truly counts.

Ben Jones wants a palm-sized masked panther...

Various Artists Northern Soul: The Soundtrack

Few fanbases are as obsessive about their music than Northern Soul devotees. As a new film based around the genre hits the cinemas, Joe Rivers reviews the soundtrack to a time that was unprecedented in British history.

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Happy Anniversary... The Unforgettable Fire

We celebrate U2's first monumental step forward as The Unforgettable Fire turns 30 years old.

Joe Marvilli looks back at...

Beatles Mono Box! Michael Fremer Interview

We talk to vinyl's greatest advocate about the new reissue of the Beatles catalog on vinyl, in mono, sourced from the original master tapes

Alan Shulman interviews


One Hour Photo (2002)

Following the sad passing of Robin Williams earlier this month, we look back on one of his most intriguing performances.

Grant Phipps reflects...


Young & Beautiful (François Ozon)

Attempting to subvert the voyeuristic gaze and cautionary coming-of-age moralizing, the film is an unconventionally compelling if conflicted seasonal portrait.

Grant Phipps looks at the...