Scott Walker + Sunn O))) Soused

Soused is the new collaborative release from drone metal champions, Sunn O))), and elder pop icon-turned-avant madman, Scott Walker.

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The Twilight Sad Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave

The Scottish band's assured return comes after a period of uncertainty, one that makes an effort to remedy their cloistered demeanor. 

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Zola Jesus Taiga

On Taiga, Zola Jesus sounds more focused and hungrier than ever before. The result is her most accessible, and best, album yet.

Zola Jesus in widescreen...

Aphex Twin Syro

Syro will come to be remembered as another classic from one of electronic music's most brilliant minds - the sort of record so brimming with ideas that it demands obsessive listening.  

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The Pop Group - We Are Time & Cabinet Of Curiosities

Through the power of crowd funding, the pioneering Bristol-based post-punk act known as The Pop Group return with two compilations: the reissued We Are Time and a rarities collection called Cabinet Of Curiosities.

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Happy Anniversary... The Unforgettable Fire

We celebrate U2's first monumental step forward as The Unforgettable Fire turns 30 years old.

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Home Cinema – Jim Jarmusch special

This month we focus on the films of one of American independent cinema's most distinctive voices, Jim Jarmusch

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Jealousy (Philippe Garrel)

This uniquely concise take on family and memory focuses on the strained relations between Parisian couples.

Grant Phipps holds no grudges...