Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life

On their third full-length effort, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, the Vancouver duo want to pursue their own greatness with anthems that continue to embrace the importance of keeping rock alive.

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Julie Byrne Not Even Happiness

The singer-songwriter's latest, the decidedly naturalistic Not Even Happiness, centers on the intimate, everyday thoughts that emerge from being on the road.

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The xx I See You

I See You is a sprawling album. The English band has embraced the spectacle, yet it is not the antithesis of their previous minimalist work.

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The Men Devil Music

The Men simply want to kick out the jams. But in doing so, does it also limit their already proven songwriting abilities?

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Top Albums of 2016

So this is it! You've already seen our top tracks of the year, and now it's time to reveal our top albums of the year.

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Top Tracks of 2016

And here it is! The votes have been counted, and behind the link are No Ripcord's favourite songs from 2016.

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Top films of 2016

Grant Phipps and Angel Aguilar look back over their 2016 at the cinema, to name the best (and some of the worst) movies of the year.

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Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt)

The film perceptively elevates Meloy's Montana-based short stories in examination of serendipitous intersections that progressively delve deeper into the details of four working women's lives.

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