Fear of Men Loom

The Brighton trio's first proper debut proves they've grown as songwriters, channeling those poetic impulses with dramatic verve without lapsing into wretched sentimentality.

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Nine Black Alps Candy For The Clowns

Nine Black Alps are still operating on the same blueprint with their 5th LP, but the simple science is more refined than ever. This is how grunge sounds in 2014.

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Owls Two

Amidst the myriad bands formed from the ashes of emo legends Cap'n Jazz sits one undeniably brilliant achievement: the self-titled Owls record (2001). Twelve years later, Two picks up where Owls left off, an excellent sequel to that album's successes.

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Protomartyr Under Color of Official Right

The post-punk foursome's latest is a highly compulsive listen that captures the mundanity of their Detroit upbringing with a depraved poetic squalor.

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No Ripcord Presents...Mock Suns

No Ripcord kicks off its album stream initiative with Mock Suns' sophomore studio album Santander/All That I Knew.

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Happy Anniversary... Doolittle

As the Pixies classic turns 25, Carl Purvis looks at why Doolittle still endures, quarter of a century on.

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The Secret of a Successful Directorial Debut

Breaking into the film industry as a director is a hard task, making a genuinely great debut is nigh-on impossible. Here's a look back at the best early works of some of today's finest filmmaking talent.  

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Visitors (Godfrey Reggio)

Reggio's latest visual odyssey is a deprogramming experience designed to heighten human perception.

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