Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Melbourne alt-rocker Courtney Barnett sings with a refreshingly strong Aussie accent about indecision, insignificance, and being overwhelmed.

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Twin Shadow Eclipse

Twin Shadow is now a vehicle for Lewis’s insatiable ego and drive for stadium success, a half-hearted attempt at a No Jacket Required level of mid-career turnaround without the commercial fanfare.

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Liturgy The Ark Work

The latest by contentious "transcendental" black metal outfit is a fascinating train wreck that demands to be heard whilst framed with a complete disregard to others. 

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Ibeyi Ibeyi

Ibeyi's self-titled debut is a creative, beautiful ode to family and ancestry, love and loss, and how all of those elements exist together. 

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HAWK (interview)

Fresh from an impressive 9/10 rating in The Singles Bar for their new EP, Clock Hands, folk-influenced quartet HAWK catch up with Joe Rivers about writing, collaboration and defying categorisation.

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Before They Were Famous: Craig Barnes and the Greatest Song of All Time

Gabbie Nirenburg relives her days of running a college record label and catches up with an old friend who has a novel approach to keeping the songwriting process fresh.

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Rick Prelinger Presents "No More Road Trips?"

In late February 2015, writer, filmmaker, and archivist Rick Prelinger made an appearance in Madison, WI, to screen his most recent project.  The loosely chronological and geographical tapestry of home movie footage across the United States from the late 1920s through the early 1970s uniquely examines nostalgia and our shifting mobility.

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Inherent Vice (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Dismissing some of the tangential psychedelia from Pynchon's anti-noir novel, P.T. Anderson transmutes a comparably sprawling version to the screen with a few of his own memorable revisions, including omniscient narrator Sortilège, for this hyperbolic portrait of 1970 LA.

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