Kagoule Urth

Nottingham trio Kagoule drop an invigorating debut displaying all the craft of a sadistic surgeon, dissecting the bones of the US 90s alternative scene into a many-headed beast with more cunning, and more dexterity than what it's superseded.

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Yo La Tengo Stuff Like That There

In Yo La Tengo's universe past and present converge as all-directions promenades, applying the same exacting standards to originals and covers alike.

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Destroyer Poison Season

Dan Bejar's 10th solo effort is sumptuously complete, sleek and highly refined, repurposing the champagne-coated synths of Kaputt with the aid of a full band to further accentuate his high-brow witticisms.

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Sleaford Mods Key Markets

Sleaford Mods are as brilliant and vital at what they do as they've ever been, on their most overtly political record yet.

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Overlooked Albums #42: Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll

Blue Bell Knoll marked a turning point for Cocteau Twins, as it was the first record to receive major-label distribution in an already illustrious career.  

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Second Chance Selection: January-June 2015

What happens to those albums that we love that never make it onto the No Ripcord review pages for whatever reason? Here are the albums from the first half of 2015 that we haven't yet given the attention that they richly deserve...

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Home Cinema – August 2015

The latest cult and classic home cinema releases, focusing this month on films of the 'new waves'

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Spring (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead)

Aspiring to reach Linklater's signature emotional earnestness, this genre amalgamation of romance, science fiction, and black comedy fails to reconcile its disparate tones.

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