Joyce Manor Million Dollars to Kill Me

On their fifth album, the Torrance, California four-piece take ownership of their airtight guitar pop, more in pursuit of honing a musical approach that suits them rather than searching for some fictitious denomination of aging gracefully.

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Guerilla Toss Twisted Crystal

For Twisted Crystal, Guerilla Toss polish the edges a bit and continue to refine their blend of dance pop and art rock, resulting in an interesting fusion of styles that they manage to own.

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The Goon Sax We're Not Talking

In We're Not Talking, the Brisbane trio furthers their modest songcraft by sprucing up their tuneful sorrow.

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Alice in Chains Rainier Fog

The current iteration of Alice In Chains has produced a great rock record that, though it isn't an outright classic, proves they are more than a footnote in rock history.

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Quick Takes (July 2018)

In our ongoing Quick Takes feature, writer Juan Edgardo Rodríguez once again revisits a handful of albums that caught his attention during the past month. This month's selections include Balún, The Rock*A*Teens, The Ophelias and more.

Let Balún get you into the groove.

The Decemberists embrace the theatrical in prog-heavy Greek Theater show

The Decemberists make a stop at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles to promote their latest full-length album, I'll Be Your Girl.

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The films of 2017

With 2017 behind us, No Ripcord's Film and TV contributors look back on the year in film. 

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20th Century Women (Mike Mills)

Strengthened by a sophisticated autobiographical screenplay, the film's poignant and warmly amusing scenes capture an enriching spectrum of resilient personalities in 1979 Santa Barbara, CA.

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