Ty Segall Manipulator

Ty Segall’s Manipulator is solid gold. 

Sean Caldwell reviews...

Pallbearer Foundations of Burden

Doom metal may be considered a niche genre impenetrable for most non-metal fans, but Pallbearer's latest opus transcends such trappings with it's intricate-yet-inviting sonic realms, making this the ultimate entry point into the genre.

Peter Quinton reviews...

Merchandise After The End

The art rock Tampa foursome make their grand debut on 4AD, a revisionist pop record that takes the opportunity to develop their ear for eighties balladry.

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Jenny Lewis The Voyager

Former Rilo Kiley frontwoman grows up and looks back on her third solo record.

Joe Rivers voyages to the centre of the album...


Overlooked Albums #38: Jeff Beck - Truth

In 1968, Jeff Beck released an album that introduced Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood to the world. So why does it hardly ever get mentioned anymore?

Angel Aguilar has the full story...

Happy Anniversary... Grace

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Jeff Buckley's death meant his sole studio album was always likely to become a cult favourite. However, in the twenty years since its release, its influence and beauty show that it's one of the finest albums of its generation.

Carl Purvis and Joe Rivers discuss...


One Hour Photo (2002)

Following the sad passing of Robin Williams earlier this month, we look back on one of his most intriguing performances.

Grant Phipps reflects...