The Men Devil Music

The Men simply want to kick out the jams. But in doing so, does it also limit their already proven songwriting abilities?

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Metallica Hardwired...To Self-Destruct Self-Destruct is an exercise in excess. It's Metallica throwing everything from their career into a blender and seeing what comes out. More often not, this leads to pummeling shredfests. If you can get through the misfires, you'll find a bunch of songs that will get you headbanging in no time. 

Joe Marvilli gets hardwired...

Martha Wainwright Goodnight City

After some electropop misfires on 2013’s Come Home to MamaGoodnight City is less a clean slate and more an affirmation and culmination of Wainwright’s talent over the decade.

Ellis Victoria reviews...

Lambchop FLOTUS

Now closing in on 25 years, the Nashville band's twelfth album isn’t a reinvention as much as it is a calculated attempt to impose a new narrative stance on their longstanding career.

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...


Embrace (Interview)

Mickey Dale from the band Embrace talks to Craig Stevens about tour dates, progress on the band's seventh studio album and the practicalities of running a music festival.

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Quick Takes (October 2016)

In our ongoing Quick Takes feature, writers Juan Edgardo Rodríguez and Carl Purvis once again revisit a handful of albums that caught their attention during the past month. Featuring albums from Green Day, Solange, Kate Tempest, TOY and many, many more.

Let Solange's conciliated stare take you there...


A Face in the Crowd (1957)

With the US elections approaching, has Elia Kazan's classic political satire taken on a new relevance today?

Angel Aguilar writes...


The Club (Pablo Larraín)

This inquisitive, unnerving chamber drama, which culls from the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church, is dulled by conflicting messages of forgiveness and vengeance as well as the transparency of a victim's characterization.

Grant Phipps declines the invitation...