Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell

The prolific singer-songwriter finds inspiration from within in Carrie & Lowell, a deeply understated, but no less devastating, effort that reflects on his troubled relationship with his estranged birth mother. 

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Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Melbourne alt-rocker Courtney Barnett sings with a refreshingly strong Aussie accent about indecision, insignificance, and being overwhelmed.

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Twin Shadow Eclipse

Twin Shadow is now a vehicle for Lewis’s insatiable ego and drive for stadium success, a half-hearted attempt at a No Jacket Required level of mid-career turnaround without the commercial fanfare.

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Liturgy The Ark Work

The latest by contentious "transcendental" black metal outfit is a fascinating train wreck that demands to be heard whilst framed with a complete disregard to others. 

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The Singles Bar - 30th March 2015

School's out for the Easter holidays and you ain't got no alibi, so come to The Singles Bar. And if you don't want to... Ooh! Stick You!

Joe Rivers extends those wishes to both yo Momma and yo Daddy...

Overlooked Albums #40: The Clean - Vehicle

Our overlooked albums series continues with Dunedin music scene veterans The Clean. 

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This month's best home cinema releases, including The Manchurian Candidate, Man of the West and Věra Chytilová's Traps

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Leviathan (Andrey Zvyagintsev)

Both biblical and modern in scope, Zvyagintsev's epic film indicts the corrupt intertwined power structures of the Russian Orthodox Church and State with pointed finality.

Grant Phipps pulls it in with a fishhook...