Beirut Hadsel

The idyllic Norwegian town of Hadsel informs Zach Condon's first album in four years. 

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Cupid & Psyche Romantic Music

The former Abe Vigoda songwriters reunite with a marginally new sound: gauzy, hook-driven dream pop with shades of 80s' sophisti-pop.

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SPELLLING, (a.k.a. Chrystia Cabral), reconsiders a selection of songs from prior works for her latest LP, SPELLLING & The Mystery School. Don’t call it a covers album.

Sean Caldwell reviews...

Ratboys The Window

Following their 2020 breakthrough release, Printer's Devil, the Julia Steiner-fronted band moves away from their folk leanings to a degree in favor of fuzzy alt-country.

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Musical Gaps: Pavement

Musical gaps. We all have them, especially in the streaming age where there's so much stuff to get through. But Pavement? Really?

Listen as Gabbie guides Joe through Crooked Rain Crooked Rain...

Release Round-Up (March 2023)

David and Juan discuss March’s new album releases, featuring boygenius, Sleaford Mods, Lana Del Rey, ZULU, Fever Ray, H. Hawkline, Steve Mason, and many more.

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Latest Believe the Hype Pick

Feeble Little Horse Girl With Fish

Feeble Little Horse are standing at the front of the pack when it comes to the newest wave of American shoegaze. With Girl With Fish, they reach their full potential, pairing feedback and loopy guitar effects to brighten Pittsburgh basements with surprising sweetness and infectiousness.

Quick Takes

Drop Nineteens Heavy Light

The beloved shoegaze cult act picks off right where they left off with an equally approachable and overcast sound.

Cherry Glazerr I Don't Want You Anymore

Clementine Creevy breathes new life into her vigorous alt-rock project.