METZ Strange Peace

The Toronto trio's third release is bracing noise punk that delineates a dour course without warning, and the prospect of relief or escape is still slight.

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The Clientele Music for the Age of Miracles

The Clientele's first album in seven years has the integral strength of the band's best releases while expanding their universe with new textures and destinations.

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Ted Leo The Hanged Man

Ted Leo takes to his own studio, his own production, (mostly) without the Pharmacists, to turn himself inside out.

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Steven Wilson To The Bone

On To The Bone, Steven Wilson writes some of his poppiest and most straightforward songs yet. His approach may be different than the last few records, but his excellent songwriting remains intact. 

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Wolf Alice (Interview)

Ahead of the release of Visions of a Life later this month, Craig Stevens spoke to Theo from Wolf Alice about the band's forthcoming album, their success in the US and secret sets.

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Dead Cross - Philadelphia, Union Transfer - 09/10/2017

The punk/thrash supergroup Dead Cross visits Philadelphia and promptly tears up the place.   

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South Korean Thrillers

South Korea's film industry is producing some of the most interesting, thrilling movies at the moment. Here's a beginner's guide to film from the country worth watching.

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20th Century Women (Mike Mills)

Strengthened by a sophisticated autobiographical screenplay, the film's poignant and warmly amusing scenes capture an enriching spectrum of resilient personalities in 1979 Santa Barbara, CA.

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