Mimicking Birds Layers of Us

The Portland trio’s latest further expands upon their decorous prog-folk by taking a more urgent effort to claim responsibility for how we live. It’s an ambitious undertaking, but Lacy handles these theoretical concerns with his usual naturalistic style.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Wrong Creatures

Eight albums in, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club continue to provide a perfectly balanced amalgamation of rock history on Wrong Creatures. Their mission was always to coexist and not to form a common unity with their peers, after all, and they wear their influences with ease.

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U2 Songs of Experience

With the world in turmoil and personal crises shaking them to their core, U2 fights the darkness with some of their most uplifting and effortless songs in recent memory.

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Bjork Utopia

Utopia’s idyllic voyage eases Björk triumphantly out of Vulnicura’s thorny darkness, where endurance is a necessary attitude that is central to her patient story arc.

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Taylor Swift's Reputation and the Death of an Ingénue

It's been a month and Taylor Swift's sixth album, Reputation, has already been certified triple platinum (as usual). So what's the tea? Is the old Taylor really dead? 

Luiza Lodder exhumes the old Taylor Swift...

The Best Albums of 2017

So this is it! It's time to reveal our top albums of the year. A longstanding tradition since 2002, our full list consists of 50 albums selected by the entire No Ripcord staff.

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The films of 2017

With 2017 behind us, No Ripcord's Film and TV contributors look back on the year in film. 

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20th Century Women (Mike Mills)

Strengthened by a sophisticated autobiographical screenplay, the film's poignant and warmly amusing scenes capture an enriching spectrum of resilient personalities in 1979 Santa Barbara, CA.

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