Ty Segall Emotional Mugger

At this point, Ty Segall should be a genre. 

Sean Caldwell reviews...

Steven Wilson 4 1/2

4 1/2 marks a halfway point between Steven Wilson's last full-length record and whatever comes next. While Wilson may be clearing house, most of these tracks are decidedly not throwaways. 

Joe Marvilli looks back with Steven Wilson, before he moves forward...

Savages Adore Life

Savages question how love informs life on their brazenly inclusive second effort. 

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Hinds Leave Me Alone

Hinds' debut LP is giddy with an infectious, effortless joy. Music doesn’t need to be perplexing, and the Madrid-based four-piece are far too concerned about having a good time to let it become so.

Carl Purvis reviews...


Bowie Remembered (Part Four): Married Man, Wily Obscurantist

In part four of our tribute to David Bowie we witness a more personable side to the always-impenetrable icon, as he turns the page from debonair man-about-town to a life of domestic bliss.

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Making a Patsy

Let's slow down everyone.  Netflix may have jumped the gun on this one.

Alan Shulman reviews


Anomalisa (Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson)

An underwhelming narrative entangled in the mild humor of hackneyed mid-life crisis, the stop-motion film proves Kaufman's gifts are more suited to immense theatrical sandbox than domestic and office miniatures.

Grant Phipps knows an...