Owls Two

Amidst the myriad bands formed from the ashes of emo legends Cap'n Jazz sits one undeniably brilliant achievement: the self-titled Owls record (2001). Twelve years later, Two picks up where Owls left off, an excellent sequel to that album's successes.

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Protomartyr Under Color of Official Right

The post-punk foursome's latest is a highly compulsive listen that captures the mundanity of their Detroit upbringing with a depraved poetic squalor.

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John Frusciante Enclosure

RHCP, lo-fi, electronica, singer-songwriter jams--John Frusciante's done it all. With Enclosure, he shows no signs of stopping.

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Mac DeMarco Salad Days

The affable Brooklyn-via-Montreal singer-songwriter molts into a more refined, adult-like form of the oddball comic rhythms found in his breakthrough album 2.

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Happy Anniversary... Doolittle

As the Pixies classic turns 25, Carl Purvis looks at why Doolittle still endures, quarter of a century on.

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Slint's Spiderland Box Set

Spiderland, the 1991 landmark release from Louisville, Kentucky quartet Slint, is reissued as an extended boxset with a feature length documentary. 

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Guy Maddin in Madison

Visiting the University of Wisconsin's main campus, the singular auteur discoursed on "Loss in the Cinema" before a public screening of his free-form docu-fantasia masterwork My Winnipeg.

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Visitors (Godfrey Reggio)

Reggio's latest visual odyssey is a deprogramming experience designed to heighten human perception.

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