Nite Jewel Liquid Cool

The latest by the LA-based singer songwriter hearkens back to the lo-fi aesthetic of her early releases without completely abandoning her growing pop leanings.

Jeremy Monroe reviews...

Braids Companion

While the songs on Companion comes from the sessions for Braids' last full-length record, this EP is certainly not a collection of leftovers. It's much better than that. 

Joe Marvilli finds a familiar companion...

Laura Mvula The Dreaming Room

The Birmingham singer-songwriter looks within herself in The Dreaming Room, embarking on a spiritual journey that takes her from crippling apprehension to supreme self-dominance.

Juan Edgardo Rodríguez reviews...

Virus Memento Collider

Norway’s Virus returns with their fourth LP, Memento Collider, the band’s hybridized blend of blackened punk, funk, and disco still fascinates even if it does sound like it’s been dialed back a tad.

Sean Caldwell reviews...


The Rest Is Noise: A First-Time Festivalgoer Reports from Governor’s Ball

Brad Hanford attended New York City's annual Governor's Ball for the first time. These were his findings.

Brad Hanford reports from the trenches...

Kate Jackson (Interview)

Kate Jackson, frontwoman with much-missed Sheffield five-piece, The Long Blondes, returns with her first album as a solo artist, British Road Movies. She talks to No Ripcord about the record's long gestation period, working with Bernard Butler, and the benefits of living in a small English market town.

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Gun Crazy (1950)

Following on from the Oscar-nominated Trumbo, Angel Aguilar looks back at one of the screenwriter's most iconic films.

Angel Aguilar writes


Right Now, Wrong Then (Hong Sang-soo)

This self-reflexive parallel timeline variation on the meet-cute offers invigoratingly light and accessible consideration of gender perspectives and human adaptiveness.

Grant Phipps strikes that, reverses it...