Contributing to No Ripcord: The Application Procedure

Would you like to contribute to one of the fastest growing music websites on the Internet? Of course you would. The only thing standing between you and a glittering career in online music criticism is the simple application form below. Those hopeful of landing a six figure salary and company car are advised to read the following section before applying.

Writing for No Ripcord

Let's start with the bad news. All of our writing posts are unpaid. The site is non-profit and will remain this way for the foreseeable future. If you're looking to supplement your income, you've come to the wrong place. But money isn't everything, right? And there are some benefits to writing for No Ripcord.

Firstly, all writers will be eligible to receive a stream of regular promotional material. Some of this will inevitably be terrible, but by the law of averages you're going to be exposed to a healthy amount of good new music.

From time to time, we help our writers to arrange interviews and guestlist places for live reviews. We've also sent people to a variety of festivals around the world. Doesn't sound too bad, huh?

Then there's the fact that No Ripcord provides a significant platform for your opinions. Our reviews are picked up by Metacritic and other aggregator sites like the excellent Album Of The Year and Cloudspeakers. They are read by a significant and growing audience. If you wish to become actively involved, you can also help to shape the way in which the site develops.

In return, we ask a little from our new music writers. The minimum requirement is 3 new album reviews per month. We're not going to wipe your account if you have one quiet month, but if you do not feel you will be able to maintain this level of activity then you should mention this in your application. Reviews can be anything from 300 to 800 words (or longer if the release warrants it).

In addition, all writers are welcome to contribute to the film and feature sections. You may even be considered for your own column if you have a particularly strong idea or an interesting perspective.

To submit your application please complete the online form below.

Important Note: All sections of this application must be completed in full. Please do not simply paste in a URL in the review field. We want to see the review itself; not a link. We will be closely assessing your grammar and standard of writing. Poor grammar is historically one of the main reasons behind unsuccessful applications, so please proof read your work carefully before submitting.

A brief paragraph about any previous experience you may have, and what you feel you can offer us at No Ripcord.

Recent album review which is entirely your own work. The review should be similar in length to a standard No Ripcord review i.e. 300 to 800 words. Please do not simply paste a URL in this field!

Include a list detailing your ten (or more) favourite albums of the last 12 months. If you can't think of ten you're probably not what we're looking for.