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Monsterwatch cranks up the fuzz on Noise You Will Never Care About (First Listen)

On their latest EP, Noise You Will Never Care About, Monsterwatch adheres to the tenets of classic grunge with a heavy slab of densely layered noise. But as these blistering three tracks attest, the Seattle trio looks forward instead of being chained to the past—whether they conjure tuneful, psych-driven discord on “Let Go” or bring a beautiful onslaught of metallic riffs and barreling drums on “Somewhere.” Led by John Spinney's guttural delivery, the EP flows as one continuous listen—an approach that started as a necessity for the band members since they only had one day to record. As it turns out, they ended up moving forward with their first take, proving that sometimes you can't recreate the excitement of that first-time feeling when everything falls into place.

Listen to the three tracks on Noise You Will Never Care About an extra day before its official release tomorrow, including the bonus cut “Devil's Cord.”

MONSTERWATCH · Noise You Will Never Care About