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The No RipCast: Volume 1

One of the perhaps unforeseen effects of the rise of iTunes over the past few years has been the growing popularity of podcasts. It's a simple idea - get some experts together in a room (or, in our case, over Skype), give them a topic to talk about and record the results. We're big fans of podcasts here at No Ripcord, so we've decided to dip our toe in the water with the first in what will hopefully become a regular series of podcasts.

This edition sees No Ripcord's David Coleman, Juan Edgardo Rodriguez, Joe Rivers and Matt Montgomery give their views on the year so far. What are the best albums of the previous six months? What have been the big surprises? What artists have just been a disappointment? Find out all this and more, by listening to our podcast.

Download the No RipCast #1 here

We'd like to turn this into a regular feature and to do that, we'd really appreciate your feedback. So, on our Soundcloud page or using the Disqus form at the bottom of this page, please let us know what you thought. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Have you got any ideas for regular features that you think would be interesting? One small disclaimer, however, which is to say that we're new to this podcasting game, so the No RipCast is very much a work in progress. Over the coming weeks and months we'd like this to develop into something with its own identity, offering entertaining insight and viewpoints for your listening pleasure. But right now, it's four writers offering up their contribution in a medium to which they're not accustomed. So, by all means, give criticism if you feel it's justified, but please try to be constructive.

And finally, the most important point of all - enjoy!