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The No Ripcast: Volume 12

When Features Editor Joe Rivers boarded a train to the spiritual home of No Ripcord, Sheffield, it heralded a first for this podcast. The previous eleven No Ripcasts have all been recorded via Skype with participants on both sides of the Atlantic, but now an opportunity presented itself to round up some contributors in the flesh and record from within the same room.

And that's exactly what happened. In The No Ripcast: Volume 12, join Joe, David Coleman and - making his No Ripcast debut - film writer Joe Gastineau as they participate in a movie special. As well as the usual catch-up on what's been going on, there's much discussion on the use of music in films, films that are based around the director's music preferences, and the greatest film soundtracks of all-time.

It's an educational experience too, so listen to this podcast and in addition to being entertained, you'll hear about:

  • A brief history of the popular song in film
  • Seemingly the only film Joe R has seen that the others haven't heard of
  • The meaning of diegesis

As always, you can stream the podcast using the link below, but the best way to listen to the No Ripcast is subscribing via iTunes, thus ensuring you never miss an episode.

Comments and feedback are welcome via the Disqus form below and - we'll open this one to the floor - what would you like to see us discussing on the next episode? Be sure to let us know.