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The No RipCast: Volume 4

The No Ripcord podcast is BACK and aiming to cover a wide range of music old and new. As well as the usual chat about what we've been up to, we share our thoughts on the life and times of Steve Jobs and attempt to find out why foreign language pop doesn't travel particularly well. So join David Coleman, Juan Edgardo Rodriguez and Matt Montgomery as they discuss all the above, plus the story of Mowest, the largely forgotten side-project of Motown Records which produced a number of fantastic tracks.

Stay tuned to the end too, as we reveal details of an upcoming feature, which will be the biggest in No Ripcord's twelve year history.

Download the No RipCast Volume 4 here.

The compilation featured in this month's podcast, Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story 1971-73, is available to buy now. Below are YouTube videos of a couple of the tracks featured:

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