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The No RipCast: Volume 6

All week, we've been running installments of our Top 100 Debuts feature and we're now at the end. To celebrate the biggest undertaking in No Ripcord's long and illustrious history, we've recorded a special podcast. So, join David Coleman, Joe Rivers, Juan Edgardo Rodriguez and Matt Montgomery as we go over the list, point out the highlights, muse over the surprises and have a "lively debate" about what albums shouldn't have missed the cut.

You can listen using the link above, but by far the easiest way to get the No RipCast is via iTunes. Subscribe via this link and The No RipCast will automatically download every time we're generous enough to release a new edition.

As usual, feedback is welcome via Disqus and to check out the entire Top 100 (start from the beginning, no cheating!), follow the link.