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The No RipCast: Volume 9

You just can't keep a good podcast down. It may have been a few months since the No RipCast made an appearance on these hallowed pages, but we're back and raring to go. Podcast regulars David Coleman, Joe Rivers and Juan Edgardo Rodriguez are joined by pod debutant, Stephen Wragg, on this edition of your one-stop shop for music recommendations and opinion.

If you listen to the No RipCast Volume 9 (and, let's be honest, why wouldn't you?), you'll find out the answers to the following questions and more besides:

  • What is the best environment in which to fully appreciate Death Grips?
  • What's the most pleasant surprise you've ever had at a music festival?
  • Can people be "conned" into buying records by the music press?

There's more than one way to hear the No RipCast. Firstly, you can listen to the podcast using the player below or download here

Secondly, you can subscribe to the No RipCast via iTunes, which means you'll never miss an episode. We encourage feedback, so please feel free to get in touch via the Disqus form at the bottom of the page with your comments, suggestions, ideas and maybe even questions you'd like us to ask in our next podcast, where we - yikes - reach double figures.