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No Ripcord Presents...Jackpot, Tiger

Welcome to No Ripcord Presents..., an ongoing feature that spotlights and promotes independent artists we find worth hearing by streaming their albums a week in advance.


Brooklyn foursome Jackpot, Tiger will release their sophomore studio album, Jackpot, Tiger, on May 13 through Goobye Routina Records. 
Jackpot, Tiger is the culmination of two years in the making, recorded back and forth between Moon Lab Studios in Brooklyn, NY and Frisbie Studios in New York, NY. Their wry, but sweet-natured brand of indie rock evokes quintessential hometown band Madder Rose amongst other influences, carried through driving, tuneful guitars, classic power-pop choruses, and the interchanging vocal leads of Eryck Tait and Claire McGinley. These are songs that emit a fierce warm glow, 35 minutes of lushly-layered pop that present a natural progression from their debut release Chemistry Night.
No Ripcord will be streaming Jackpot, Tiger exclusively from May 5 through May 12.