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Parquet Courts Interview...Actually!

Some of you may recall my feature from last week about my failed attempt to see one of our (I use the royal "our") favorite new bands, Parquet Courts, who breathe new life into what is now referred to as punk but which I insist is just basic, old school rock and roll. It's the kind of music that makes you want to get up and go, which is ironic given my failure to stay out late enough to see them play. Every time I spin their new album, Light Up Gold (click here to buy), I regret my decision not to wait it out acutely.  Yet despair not Fair Noripcorders, in your Noripcorduroy, Andrew Savage (guitar, vocals, songs) from the band was nice enough to talk with me despite my lameness and unfortunate age.  We cover the band's history, influences and the uncertain state of youth culture, while the band was traveling down to DC to play a show.  Click below for the interview and check out their website to see where they are playing next -


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