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Quarantine the Past #1

No Ripcord founder David Coleman is stuck in rut. Musically, that is. The responsibilities of life - work, parenthood, a mid-life cycling crisis - have left him out of touch when it comes to new music. Fortunately, help is on hand in the shape of No Ripcord regulars Gabbie, Juan and Joe and their carefully curated set of picks. Can they bring David up to speed, or is he a lost cause at this point? Frankly, we're none the wiser after this episode, but stay with us and we might figure it out eventually.

Episode one features music from Empath, Confidence Man, King Hannah and Cloakroom. All audio is used with the kind permission of the artists and/or their labels. We are particularly grateful to Cloakroom for allowing us permission to use "Lambspring" as our intro music for this episode.

You can also listen at all the usual places including Spotify, Stitcher, Audible and Amazon Music. We'll be on Apple Music soon, hopefully.