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Singles (2007/02)

There's a healthy volume of new music that we'd like to tell you about this month so you can expect a slightly denser singles column. None of my No Ripcord colleagues have volunteered to help me out yet, but they'll get the message when I cut their supply of promos.

As usual, we'll try our best to provide links to the music itself. And if we really like a track, we might even squeeze it into our next podcast.

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9 FEBRUARY, 2007

!!! - 'Heart Of Hearts'

Warp (Listen at MySpace)

!!! might not be the most user friendly moniker, but we're prepared to let this band off on account of its music. Heart of Hearts is the six minute centrepiece of the upcoming Myth Takes album, and in true !!! fashion it's destined to become a dancefloor classic. The bassline is genius, the beats sufficiently taut, and the vocals? Well, they're not too bad either. If you're new to !!! check this out, and treat yourself to copies of Me and Giuliani... and Louden Up Now while you're at it. (8) *SINGLE OF THE MONTH* DC

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B-unique / Polydor (Listen at MySpace)

You know the story. You're at the local indie disco, minding your own business when the DJ reaches for his battered old copy of I Predict a Riot. Within seconds, the dancefloor has been taken over a horde of obnoxious yobs and your girlfriend has been involuntarily dragged into the forming mosh-pit, leaving you with nothing to do but wring the warm Carling from your t-shirt. Or join in.

Yes, Kaiser Chiefs are about to re-enter the public consciousness with their second album and this rather familiar three minute offering is the lead single. The only real difference from previous efforts is the absence of a "na na na" refrain. Instead, we have to make do with the rather inane chorus of "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby / Do you, do you, do you, do you". Harmless, but not particularly fun. (5) DC

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1 FEBRUARY, 2007

KLAXONS - 'Golden Skans'

Rinse / Polydor (Listen at MySpace)

Klaxons' debut album might not have won me over yet, but the latest single from the new rave poster boys is certainly a convincing argument for persisting with it. A sub-three minute rush of technicolor pop, Golden Skans stands out from the crowd because it's unashamedly fun. To Klaxons guitars are an instrument, not an identity, and the focus here is on infectious hooks and a lively rhythm track. You can happily ignore most of the hype surrounding Klaxons - and new rave in general for that matter - but you'd be daft to miss out on this. (8) DC

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CLINIC - 'If You Could Read Your Mind'

Domino (Listen at MySpace)

2006's Visitations album saw Clinic returning in part to the dirty, mumbling lo-fidelity sound that made Internal Wrangler so special. If You Could Read Your Mind reflects this shift, being more guitar driven than recent singles. Though clearly not as memorable as The Second Line or The Return of Evil Bill, this marks a welcome return to form for Liverpool's weirdest. (7) DC

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