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Singles (2007/07)

Oh July, it never seemed so strange. Those were the days. This month's soundtrack is slightly more varied in terms of quality as you'll see below. Or at least you will when I get round to reviewing some of the really bad ones.

14 JULY, 2007


EMI (Listen at MySpace)

I know it's supposed to be summer but the sheer volume of this optimistic sun-drenched indie-pop that I'm receiving at the moment is rather depressing. The Sonic Hearts is clearly a vehicle for singer/guitarist Sean Francis Butler (check out the rather undemocratic upper case on their MySpace), whose warm and powerful vocal explains in part the band's major label deal. The song itself is instantly forgettable throwaway pop with a sound somewhere between Athlete and the Magic Numbers. Sounds pretty bleak doesn't it? (5) DC

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JACKNIFE LEE - "Making Me Money"

Loog (Listen at MySpace)

The in demand producer has a difficult life. Imagine sitting at a desk shaping the sound of records like Snow Patrol's Eyes Open, Kasabian's Kasabian, and U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb? Listening to the finished product a couple of times is bad enough but imagine enduring take after take after take? I hope the money's good. To keep himself sane, Jacknife Lee also makes records under his own name. Unfortunately, though, it seems he's been hanging around with the wrong crowd for too long. Making Me Money - the hook of which is "I really love it and it's making me money" - is an unadventurous and significantly dated take on dance-rock. The muddy distortion of the guitar riff and the monotony of the vocal are particularly offensive ingredients, but even the beats are disappointing. This is a dismal effort indeed. (3) DC

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12 JULY, 2007

THE BRAVERY - "Time Won't Let Me Go"

Loog (Listen at MySpace)

I'm not sure how many third hand ideas the Bravery had to begin with but they've clearly exhausted them now. This one-paced, lifeless atrocity rivals only the recent work of Razorlight in its sheer blandness. There was always something suspicious about the dance-rock-by-numbers of An Honest Mistake but at least it had a chorus of sorts. Avoid this, forget the album, and stay well clear of anything The Bravery vomit up in the future. (1) DC

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10 JULY, 2007

THE TWILIGHT SAD - "And She Would Darken The Memory"

Fat Cat (Listen at MySpace)

I'm not sure what all this "rabbit might die" business is all about but And She Would Darken The Memory is another bracing blast of Glaswegian white-noise from everyone's favourite barely intelligible Scotsman James Graham and the Twilight Sad. As a single I'm not sure if it's going to set the airwaves on fire but it's certainly going to scare a few housewives. (8) DC

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KLAXONS - "It's Not Over Yet"

Rinse / Polydor (Listen at MySpace)

By all means blame Klaxons for that whole sorry Nu Rave affair but don't write them off as a hype. The dust has settled on Myths of the Near Future and I think you'll find it's probably a touch better than the middling 6/10 I awarded it five long months ago. The band's cover of Grace's It's Not Over Yet - the obligatory glowstick-waving live favourite - might not be their finest hour but it certainly won't do Klaxons' stock any harm. (6) DC

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