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Your New Favourite Band #3: Trogons

Your New Favourite Band is a brand new feature series on No Ripcord. Each month, we will be profiling two of our favourite newcomers, publishing a short biography, video, and embedded audio file.

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Most of the early press for London quartet Trogons seems to focus on the same clutch of biographical facts and shaky comparisons. Apparently, Trogons is comprised of four sci-fi nerds, who are either current or former members of every underground London band of the past decade. Depending on who you believe, they either sound like an organ-heavy version of Siouxsie and the Banshees or some long lost psychedelic band from the Nuggets era.

In truth, Trogons are a difficult band to pin down. There are splashes of surf-rock dotted throughout their early material, but offerings like Protest Song No. 678 benefit from a tantalisingly dark edge, which evokes far less pleasant places than the beach. Debut single Contina is undoubtedly the band's finest achievement to date. An infectious guitar riff invites you into a comic-book world featuring war goddesses, planetary destruction, and even a giant calcium phallus (I kid you not). I guess this is where the sci-fi element comes in then.

Rare Earth Metals features another sinewy guitar riff and the band's trademark organ, but this time the tempo is slower and the mood more atmospheric. It's also pretty impressive.

The band's Soundcloud page has a further three songs, all of which are well worth your time. Spare some time to take a listen and remember this band's name, as I'm pretty confident their debut album is going to be a cracker.

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This month's other profiled act is Evans The Death, who you can check out here. If Trogons are your favourite of the two, please use the Twitter and Facebook buttons below to cast a virtual vote for them.