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Loud Like Nature

Add N To (X) Loud Like Nature

(Mute) Buy it from Insound Rating - 7/10

Robot sex, bleeps and burps from antiquated computers and the belief that a strange electronic past is the future, what the hell is going on? No need to worry, it's just the odd world that exists within the fried circuitry of the collective mindset of Add N To (X). Perhaps not the most inviting of musical landscapes to explore, but isn't it always the more curious curves that hold the most interesting experiences throughout art, love and life in general?

It starts with an electronically frazzled mixture of Gary Glitter glam and squelchy beats, with piercing screams, all masquerading as Total All Out Water. Throughout there is a marvellous amalgam of rock n roll and deeply disturbed static terrorism and you know what? It's fantastic fun.

On Sheez Mine Add N To (X) sound like Bis with Prince wigging out at his most masturbatory, in the background and it's either the most fantastic racket or the most annoying pile of nonsensical bullshit ever recorded, depending on your mood. As you've probably guessed by now, this is not a Sunday morning hangover cure of an album, but if the thought of Coldplay's sugary sweet, acoustic melodies make you feel like throwing up, then this could be just the ramshackled junk shop of bric-a-brac beats and squeals that you've been looking for.