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Cola The Gloss

(Fire Talk) Rating - 7/10

While much has changed since post-punk outfit Ought inspired plenty of bands to form in the early to mid-2010s, they've also gone through a reinvention of their own. Now into their second release as Cola, former members Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy have gradually found their footing, which they've been plotting even before officially disbanding their origin project. Their debut album, Deep in View, showed signs of how they'd refine their knotty, wiry arrangements, but it ultimately didn't hit the same highs of Ought's more snarky and exploratory side. Ultimately, The Gloss simplifies their jerky rhythms with a slightly punkier hue. Take Down to Size and Reprise, both sticking to a consistent groove without much variation. When they let loose, like on the more intricate Bell Wheel, Darcy reminds us why he's such a compelling vocalist when he shows a more playful side. While they have their songwriting down to a science, Cola could elevate their craft with a little more disruption.