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Anna B Savage In | FLUX

(City Slang) Rating - 8/10

Anna B Savage’s debut was an album of operatic folk that was as thrilling as it was poignant. On her follow-up, In|FLUX, she’s expanded her sound while focusing her touching lyrics and passionate vocals on the end of a relationship. On The Ghost, she cries out over piano chords and pattering drums, “Stop haunting me.” It's through this emotional scar that she explores a prism of feelings on romance.

There’s the heartbreak of Crown Shyness and Say My Name, the latter shot through with desperation. Meanwhile, she desires physical connection on the slippery Pavlov’s Dog, where she sighs out, “I'm here, I'm waiting, I'm salivating.” But there’s also her acceptance over being without a partner for now, both through the defiant, ecstatic groove of the title track, and The Orange, where she sings serenely, “I think I'm going to be fine/If this is all that there is.”

By the end of this beautiful, relatable record, Savage has proven again why she’s one of the most exciting voices in music today, able to meld her unique stylings with a cathartic core. It’s an album you’ll return to again and again, finding new layers or lyrics on each listen.