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Cherry Glazerr I Don't Want You Anymore

(Secretly Canadian) Rating - 8/10

If there's one constant in Cherry Glazerr's vigorous alt-rock through the years, it's Clementine Creevy never sounding like she needs to apologize. To describe it in simpler terms: her musical project oozes raw power. But something's changed in Creevy's fifth album. While there are raucous barnburners like Touched You With My Chaos and Soft Like a Flower—which sound better than most of modern rock radio and are woefully absent—a moderate chunk of I Don't Want You Anymore consists of taut, reflective slow burners like Eat You like a Pill and Bad Habit that would make Shirley Manson proud. The swinging electro-pop of Wild Times might sound out of place on a record like this, but when it's executed this infectiously, the change in mood is more than forgiven. Creevy sounds freer than ever, reclaiming her life amidst romantic entanglements that are equal parts vulnerable and resilient.