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Econoline Music Is Stupid

(Seriously Groovy) Buy it from Insound Rating - 8/10

Maybe Econoline have got it right? Music is stupid. Well, at least the industry surrounding it is...

Of course, this line of thought is hardly revolutionary; we've always known (and mocked) the stupidity of major record labels and since the commercial stations kicked the pirates into touch, radio has crossed over into a similar bracket. Sadly, the mainstream press is no different. I don't know what the situation abroad is but here in the UK the big music papers seem to be stuck in a bizarre cycle of hype and backlash; it's build-em-up-and-knock-em-down all the way and from where I'm sitting, that looks like stupidity on the grandest of scales. They remain insistent in their championing of one different brainless "garage-rock" band per week and until they do their job properly and begin to point people in the direction of some genuinely creative music, I will look upon them with nothing but scorn.

So where do Econoline come in? Well, that's simple. They are one of the many underground bands just aching to be discovered by you, the discerning music fan. They are purveyors of the genuinely creative music I mentioned above, and while their US indie-rock influences are worn overtly on their sleeves, Econoline's songs alone elevate them far beyond the hordes of imitators that plague the UK indie scene. The anthemic opener The C And The G grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you into a world where warm, fuzzy guitars and muffled vocals thrive and emotions run genuinely deep. And while Econoline may not have penned the formula that they utilise to such effect, their self-belief and authenticity is apparent throughout. Have we found another British band guitar worth believing in? Let's hope so...