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Making Time

Jamie Woon Making Time

(PMR Records) Rating - 8/10

Jamie Woon is as close to a perfectionist as you’ll find in the music industry today. Every beat of his sultry neo-soul music is dressed with immaculate sophistication, and every soundscape created is intensely captivating.

He’s not one for rushing either, with even the title of his second LP typifying that particular trait. Making Time picks up where 2011 debut Mirrorwriting left off, with 10 tracks that are meticulously arranged and gorgeously executed. The precision of each drum strike, each guitar lick and each sub-bass pulse is calculated to an abundance of decimal points. This can only be the result of an awful lot of time spent in the studio.

The individual tracks, generally, are velvety, mid-tempo jams that err on the side of noir’n’b. Lead single Sharpness is seductive and stylish, showcasing Woon’s full-fat milky voice at its finest. Movement is anchored by a circular groove that patrols the sleekest of backdrops. Forgiven and Little Wonder are canvasses for intricate guitars to peek out from under the covers. Every instrument, no matter how small its input, is essential to the overall air of Making Time, and no motion is wasted.

There’s a curveball thrown in there, too. Amidst the deliciously syrupy gloop that is Woon’s music, Willy Mason’s weathered, country vocal makes an appearance in Celebration. It’s an interesting combination, and one that works. Celebration is a welcome cold front intruding on a hot, muggy spell, with a remoteness that listeners of Mason’s music will be all too familiar with.

When the end result is such a polished, refined exhibition of soulful work, there’s no need for any tweaks to a blueprint. Jamie Woon has dropped a second LP every bit as captivating as his first, and it’s hard to find any faults with this piece of work. Sumptuously slick, and with the humidity of a tropical locale. Make sure you make time for Making Time.