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Planet Helpless

Puressence Planet Helpless

(Island) Rating - 5/10

There are a lot of things that I find irritating in the world. One is that a mental deficient runs the USA. Another is lazy journalists banding around Stone Roses comparisons with any band that:

a) Features four pale young Northern lads possibly under the influence of illicit substances and

b) Play guitars.

So instantly Puressence are in my bad books. However, the first three tracks Walking Dead, Prodigal Song and How Does It Feel? sound good. Nice tunes, hey! Nice horn section! Then as the album progresses, a new truth travels to the front of your head. Puressence don't have many ideas. They have one good idea, which is used to cover 13 songs.

Much like the Music, Puressence use guitars to make themselves sound good without really focusing the listener's attention on what's going on. Indeed, after a short time working through the album becomes a chore. And when you find yourself having to "work" through listening to a CD, then something has quite clearly gone wrong in the thought process. That said, plenty of these songs possess a "quality" that should appeal nicely to the makers of the next Re-Loaded compilation. From that judgement, you should be able to make your own.