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Quicksand Distant Populations

(Epitaph) Rating - 7/10

Interiors, Quicksand's celebrated 2017 comeback album, marked a new chapter for the influential post-hardcore band. Frontman Walter Schreifels and company didn't do too much with tinker with an already-winning formula, beefing up their production values to sound more like the bands they'd clearly inspired. Deftones, anyone? That said, Distant Populations isn't a direct copy of its predecessor. There are hooky, Soundgarden-like dirges (Colossus) that bring to mind that album’s inspired title track, on which they retain their angst-ridden urges while easing the tempo. But the band does shake their foolproof formula at times, adding in electronic drum touches (Brushed) and thumping out driving rhythms (Lightning Field) with a decidedly melodic bent. Balancing those moments with their gristly intensity allows them to step out of lockstep. And with no track here surpassing the 3 1/2 minute mark, the band firmly anchors the key components of their sound with a tight, steady grip.