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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

(Nonesuch) Rating - 9/10

At a time when the revolutionaries in music are bedroom scientists with street style lyrical linguistics, how can a poor old country band fare? Well, ye of dwindling faith; with consummate aplomb of course!

Wilco, the aforementioned country band, long ago discarded the shackles of any such label and now explore more diverse and expansive territories. On their fourth album, Jeff Tweedy and co. simply stun with sheer reach and ingenuity. They will just as quickly make you shake your smiling head (Heavy Metal Drummer), as break your sorry heart (Ashes Of American Flags). With Jim O'Rourke on hand, to add yet more spiky touches of genius, only the bleakest of hearts will fail to be touched by the colossal weight of aching creativity that flows through this record. Gentle pop, psychotic folk and country soul, it is impossible to define or categorise; a major part of the game plan for Tweedy, one thinks.

To add to the overall breathtaking beauty, the lyrical twists and turns are simply inspired; try "A fresh wind and bright sky to enjoy my suffering", or weep to "distance has no way of making love understandable".

No singles? Won't sell? Fuck 'em. This is art!