Charli XCX SuperLove


Less than six months after her full-length debut, True Romance, was released, Charli XCX is back with SuperLove, the first single to be taken from her next album. Moving slightly away from the Grimes-like, magpie-eyed Tumblrpop that's served her well so far, SuperLove is a more immediate, traditional pop tune, not entirely dissimilar to I Love It, the global Icona Pop smash she co-wrote. It's difficult to tell whether it's progression or regression at this point, and it's a clear attempt to breakthrough into the mainstream, but it features a chorus so infectious it's sure to get stuck in your head for days. It's ephemeral and inconsequential, sure ("I think your hair looks better pushed over to one side / How do you feel about me?"), but then again, the best pop music often is. SuperLove isn't available to buy until December(!) so time will tell whether Charli XCX can build up the requisite interest to have a proper, post-I Love It smash on her hands, but regardless of SuperLove's commercial performance, it's another brilliant track courtesy of Ms. XCX. Oh, and the video features dancing robots - what more do you want?