Why Am I On This Cloud?

Dan Deacon Why Am I On This Cloud?

(Williams Street Records)

What do Adult Swim and Dan Deacon have in common? Well, aside from a penchant for stoner humor (See Deacon’s “Drinking Out Of Cups”) and a newly released single, not very much at all. That’s right, Dan Deacon has a new single out via Adult Swim’s Singles program, and it’s pretty damn good. Primarily composed from stock audio from the Adult Swim vault, Why am I on This Cloud? features an array of pulsating rhythms, tribal chanting, and the occasional jangle of an electric guitar (playing an A7 chord, perhaps?) that I’m sure will make a great backing track for a post-commercial bump. The program is also set to feature singles from Flying Lotus, DOOM, Miguel, Madlib and Freddie Gibbs, Lil B, Lightning Bolt, Andy Stott, Marnie Stern, Pig Destroyer, Autre Ne Veut, Mac DeMarco, and Mykki Blanco, so stay tuned, folks. Andrew Ciraulo

Listen to Why Am I On This Cloud? here, via Adult Swim