The Big Dream (Moby reworking feat. Mindy Jones)

David Lynch The Big Dream (Moby reworking feat. Mindy Jones)

(Sunday Best)

David Lynch’s work is hardly known for its energetic qualities, but this Moby reworking of the title track from Lynch’s 2013 album manages to dial it down even further. Lynch’s vocals have been replaced by the barely-there whispers of Moby collaborator Mindy Jones giving an overall effect so tenderly languorous it’s similar to a peaceful reverie between sleep and wakefulness. The sweeping strings, simple percussion and hushed voices all melt into one somnambulating trip, which also recalls some of the less austere elements of early Portishead. This Moby reworking was part of a special David Lynch EP for Record Store Day and the accompanying video – also put together by Moby – is spooky and beautiful in equal measure.