Dangerous Love (feat. Sean Paul)

Fuse ODG Dangerous Love (feat. Sean Paul)


Any questions you may have on how Fuse’s afrobeats-infuenced UK hip-hop is going to meld with Sean Paul’s dancehall stylings are banished by the sheer exuberance of this track. The syncopated beat that drives Dangerous Love is akin to a galloping horse and while this song may not offer much new for those who have followed Fuse’s previous singles closely, its enthusiasm and energy are infectious. We’re now in the fifth month of the year and it’s easy to imagine this being played on beaches around the Northern hemisphere all summer long. Plus, it’s difficult not to smile at a song with that sings the line, “No no no n-no no no / You mur-der-d-der-dered me”, as if it were the most carefree thing in the world.