Oneohtrix Point Never Zebra


The music of Daniel Lopatin (the mastermind behind Oneohtrix Point Never), has evolved considerably over the years, but no matter where his music has gone, it typically inspires a uniform reaction – to melt into your seat and allow waves of noise and vocal hiccups drown you. But Zebra, our latest taste of his new record, R Plus 7, is possibly his first to inspire something else – movement. Starting with the closest thing Lopatin’s constructed resembling a dance beat, only to fracture and overload it with various drones and static, Zebra is the most kinetic, off-the-cuff, and dare I say exciting track Lopatin has released under the OPN guise. Moving from frayed beats to aural ambience to chiming synth/horn melodies that keep you suspended in liquid bliss, the track is a perfect example of how Lopatin can keep listeners at the edge of their seat, even when he’s just barely toying with conventional music.

Listen at http://pointnever.com/