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Beatles Mono Box! Michael Fremer Interview

Michael Fremer has been trumpeting the glories of vinyl since he first heard cds back in the early 80s and he could see the future spinning off in the wrong direction.  Without getting too technical about it, let's just say that the cd as designed and marketed to this day represents a sonic compromise, that, for all it's supposed advantages, convenience, size, durability, clarity, was a bridge too far for the committed audiophile, who wanted to be as close to the original performance as possible.  Fremer has long been a Senior Contributing Editor at Stereophile magazine and now also runs a wonderful website dedicated to his love of vinyl called Analog Planet.  I join him in his shout from the rooftops for all to put away their ipods for a bit, buy a turntable, and start enjoying the myriad pleasures of the vinyl record.  Feel it in your hands, check out that cover art, hear the needle's glorious pop as it hits the record, hell, even roll some doobies in the folds of Dark Side of the Moon if you like. CDs just can't compete.  But Fremer is also a lifelong Beatles fan, so the new Beatles Mono Box is a kind of culmination of his enthusiasms.  Sure, there have been a multitude of Beatles reissues and repackagings, but this is truly something special.  These beautiful 180 gram records were cut from the analog master tapes that the Beatles approved themselves, using the most advanced technology to get as close to the original document as possible.   Only those willing to shell out big bucks for the UK Parlophone first pressings were privy to such a sonic treat.  The new box, while a significant investment at over $300, has finally made it affordable for the rest of us.  

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