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Your New Favourite Band #5: Miracle Parade

Your New Favourite Band is a new feature series on No Ripcord. Each month, we will be profiling two of our favourite newcomers, publishing a short biography, video, and embedded audio file.

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Miracle Parade

This may be a feature on emerging artists, but Christopher Pappas – the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all-round dynamo behind Miracle Parade – is no fresh-faced newcomer to the scene. Far from it. In fact, as Pappas's diverse CV aptly demonstrates, he has been round the block in a number of different guises before. As well as crafting five LPs with Boston indie-rockers The Everyday Visuals, Pappas has an award-winning musical titled Pope! An Epic Musical to his name. Listening to the beautifully executed music of Pappas's latest project, I find myself strangely compelled to check out Pope! The debut Miracle Parade album, Hark!...And Other Lost Transmissions, is a million miles away from musical theatre, but I can see how Pappas would thrive that format; his great knack for storytelling really shines through here.

Perhaps the best example of Miracle Parade's delightful songcraft is The Dying Physicist, which is essentially a cautionary tale about a physicist who is concerned that he's wasting his life. In a desperate bid to earn a second shot at things, he decides to devote his remaining time to the design and creation of a time machine, tragically wasting the remainder of his life in the process. It's a great idea and the video is rather lovely, too:

Our second featured Miracle Parade track is Los Feliz Spiritual #41, which can also be found on the Hark!...And Other Lost Transmissions album. You can – and probably should – purchase this spellbinding debut from The Little Record Company website.

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This month's other profiled act is You Are My Symphonic, who you can check out here. If Miracle Parade are your favourite of the two, please use the Twitter and Facebook buttons below to cast a virtual vote for them.