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The Seahorse Boe

Black Neilson The Seahorse Boe

(Truck) Buy it from Insound Rating - 8/10

Of all the independent labels dotted around the country, the one that I have to admit that I have the most time for is Oxford's Truck Records. Not only has it got it's own successful touring club night (Trailer Park) and festival (Truckfest), it has just released one of the finest records you may never get to hear this year: The Seahorse Boe, by Black Neilson.

It's very rare to come across an album that flits between genres so readily, with songs such as the Ash-esque Indie-Stomp of current single Tteezzer and album opener The Human Strain sitting easily next to gorgeous Space-Country (does that genre exist? It does now...) gems such as Some Nights Villains and Dead Lucky. In Some Nights Villains in particular, you are treated to a taste of what Grandaddy would have sounded like if they were raised on the moon rather than in Modesto, with subtle synths and gentle organs sweeping over you like a blanket of stars. But whilst this theme of 'Grandaddy on the moon' permeates so much of this album, and is what makes it so special, you can't help but think that with song such as the slightly dull Tilly's Requiem, they are taking the theme a bit far.

But don't let that put you off, that's what skip buttons are made for, and the remainder of the album is more than a match for the opening salvo, with the epic Conflict K bringing an end to the proceedings with a saintly hum befitting of this rather fantastic piece of work.

The trendier amongst you may feel that bands such as Black Neilson are a bit out of touch with the prevailing trends of the time (stupid haircuts, Detroit citizenship, lack of ideas). But if you take a chance on this album I'm sure you'll find that their 'Anti-Trendiness' is actually their most appealing aspect. Whilst many bands today aim for the gutter and miss spectacularly, Black Neilson reach for the stars and soar.

Simply put, Black Neilson write beautiful songs, and ultimately, that is a quality that needs no justification.