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Drop Nineteens Heavy Light

(Wharf Cat) Rating - 8/10

While it was difficult for shoegaze-influenced bands in the U.S. to stand out in the early nineties, Boston's Drop Nineteens made a blip on the radar thanks to their debut, Delaware. Over thirty years after that release, the much-beloved cult act picks off right where they left off with an equally approachable sound compared to some of their peers. Seeing as they were mellower even during their start, presumably inspired by the dream pop side of the spectrum, tracks like Scapa Flow and Another One Another embody a life-affirming balm. But it's the murkier-in-tone moments that stand out: while The Price Was High emerges with spellbinding dissonance and keeps the tension throughout, A Hitch surrounds its ringing hook with rippling guitar work. Tarantula is poised to become a staple on their future setlists alongside past singles like Winona, on which the band turns up the tempo with a driving melodic groove that satisfyingly fades as soon as it hits.