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Ducks Ltd. Modern Fiction

(Carpark) Rating - 8/10

Upon listening to the first ten seconds off Duck Ltd.'s sublime debut LP, you might think you're listening to an outtake from The Wedding Present's 1987 album Georgie Best. And it's not wrong to assume that the Toronto, Ontario duo of Tom McGreevy and Evan Lewis do share some qualities with the cult Scottish band: the fast-paced shambling guitars, wisecrack observations filled with suburban ennui, and dry, yet endearing vocals. But these remarkably self-assured ten tracks stand on their own with sheer inventiveness, as McGreevy tries to make sense of his past mistakes (Old Times) and alcohol-induced pseudo-intellectual babbling (Fit to Burst) through their joyous outbursts. They both make their jangly guitars sound effortless, no small feat when you consider those guitars won't play themselves. But judging by the starlit, country-tinged instrumental Patience Wearing Thin, it appears the band—very much like Real Estate during their start—are still holding out on us. For now, let their addictive mechanical drum beats and effervescent melodies shake off those bittersweet thoughts. Once you've heard one, you won't know when to stop.