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Lily Konigsberg Lily We Need To Talk Now

(Wharf Cat) Rating - 7/10

Lily Konigsberg has got it goin’ on for her full length album debut Lily We Need To Talk Now. She got it from her mama, apparently, if any of the clues on the album’s Proud Home are accurate. “Goin’ on” in Konigsberg’s sense is a mastery of the two-minute pop song in all its forms. One leg of Palberta’s off-kilter three legged stool, Koningsberg’s solo work is decidedly more melodic. The best here are the synth-driven Sweat Forever, along with a pair of pop-punk gems of the Buzzcocks/Undertones variety (That’s the Way I Like It and True). And not to be outdone in the quieter realms, the re-do of Roses, Again is quite lovely and Don’t Be Lazy With Me rivals the best of Michelle Zauner’s orchestral synth moments. They used to make little records like this in the anything goes early 80’s. It’s nice to see Konigsberg bringing it back.