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Lusillón Pensando Mucho y Mal

(Mushroom Pillow) Rating - 6/10

Everything about the laidback bedroom pop of Lusillón goes down easy. With her low-key, guitar-driven melodies and twinkling electronic touches, the Spanish singer-songwriter finds deceptively simple ways to fill her sorrowful songs on her debut mini-album. She occasionally indulges in some playful musical touches, whether it's romantic acoustic boleros or pitter-patter beats with hints of reggaeton. But Lusillón does establish a warm sense of cohesion when she genre hops, a lesson that even her most noticeable inspiration, Clairo, didn't learn until much later in her career. Still, it's her pillowy, though slightly flat, vocals that resonate the most behind her heartbroken laments, dovetailing nicely when set against the lullaby-like tone she creates. Though largely imitative, it's a promising start for an artist who honors that feeling of being young and a little lost.