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Speed Of Life (Part Two)

Silverman Speed Of Life (Part Two)

(Uglyman) Buy it from Insound Rating - 4/10

On their overly flash website, Silverman claim to be 'a big hit on the internet' and are keen to mention the fact that they picked up some prize in LA to add substance to the claim. While some bands, they continue, say this to give the impression someone gives a shit about them, Silverman are the real deal. Oh yes.

Oh no. For members/relatives/fans of Silverman, you may want to stop reading here. Because here's my line: Speed Of Life (Part Two) is one of the most dull, conceited albums I've heard in a long time. Sorry, but that's how it is. That Part One passed us by we can only pray thanks. Opening track Ctrl Alt Del (what a modern title), we're told, is like Nick Cave/Kylie or Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin. Now, maybe I'm missing something, but it sounds more like a sleazy old man wheezing into a microphone.

Maybe it's just as well that Silverman are so confident in their ability as a band. After all, their biography places them in the same light as the Cocteau Twins (You can enter your own doubting remark here). Half the problem seems to be the lack of any kind of altering atmospheres. We get seemingly the same drum machine beat for every track, breathy female vocals and 'deep' lyrics. This seems to be my favourite soapbox subject of recent months, but I'll say it again: the whole thing is so Americanised it's incredible. Yet maybe it'll work for them in a big way. Listening to all seven songs, picturing 'sensitive' teenage girls in the mid-west bawling their eyes out doesn't seem so hard.

In short: drum machines, acoustic guitars, and what The Times' music writers would call 'emotive' vocals: That invite for the support slot with David Gray should be in the post.