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  • The Beths - "I'm Not Getting Excited"

    The Beths' upbeat and delightful single, “I'm Not Getting Excited," from their debut album Jump Rope Gazers, is unbearably witty, using hidden symbolism to tell a story about trying to remain cool and collected in a time where excitement wants to take your mind and body. Hands down, One of the most interesting things about this song is hands down the music video. Strong guitar riffs and catchy lyrics relay a video so mystifying and engaging it raises the hair on your skin... Read more

  • Dogleg - "Kawasaki Backflip"

    On their debut album, Melee, Michigan's Dogleg put forth a collection of avant-garde, in-your-face songs that are loud, bright, and all-around headbanging—the kind you would want to hear on a punk album. Kawasaki Backflip is the introduction to the album, and boy does it pack a punch. The video matches the instrumentals of the song, as each member takes turns smashing vases, mirrors, and various inanimate objects as they scream, “We can destroy this together."... Read more

  • Weyes Blood - "Everyday"


    Photo: Brett Stanley

    The light, bouncy instruments on the single Everyday, are juxtoposed to the song's actual meaning. Despite the happy, sing-song like rhythm, this song describes the difficulties of dating in the modern century and how they can leave an indelible mark on the heart.

    Titanic Rising will be released on April 5 on Sub Pop Records. The True... Read more

  • Iceage - "Catch It"

    Iceage's latest single, Catch it, strikes a melancholy yet heartfelt chord. Tenderly tugging at different emotional facets of life, you're easily mesmerized. Suddenly, Catch it becomes an easy new favorite.

    Iceage will begin their North American tour on May 10.

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  • Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - "Over Everything"

    Over Everything, off of their new record Lotta Sea Lice, is Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile's refreshing take on jangly guitars and what it means to be an artist. Listen to their melodic voices weave in a converstational format, as the friends share their experiences.

    Lotta Sea Lice will be released on October 13 via Marathon Artists... Read more

  • Bully - "Running"

    Bully's sophmore album, Losing, features their newest single, Running. Powerful and hypnotic guitar hooks perfectly capture angst as you feel frontwoman, Alicia Bognano, struggling to process emotions.

    Losing will be released October 20 via Sub Pop.

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  • William Patrick Corgan - "Aeronaut"

    Photo: Alpha Pan

    William Patrick Corgan returns for his second studio solo album, Ogilala, featuring his single, Aeronaut. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman gently coos soft and poetic lyrics that gracefully cascade between acoustic guitars and piano keys.

    Ogilala will be released October 13 via BMG records.


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  • Protomartyr - "My Children"

    Photo: Daniel Topete

    Protomartyr's second single, My Children, off of their fouth album, Relatives in Descent, has catchy, wistful guitar hooks, with lyrics that speak to the true nature of what it means to give guidance to future generations.

    Relatives in Descent is out September 29 via Domino Records.

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  • Nadine Shah - "Holiday Destination"

    English artist, Nadine Shah, introduces her new single, Holiday Destination, off of her new LP, Holiday Destination. You can hear her silky yet raspy voice address political issues with the refrain raising the question, "How you gonna sleep tonight?" 

    Holiday Destination is out on August 25 via 1965 Records.

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