No Ripcord's Very Own Podcast: The No RipCast

  • The No RipCast: Volume 3

    We've recorded another podcast! Listen up to find out why one of our number can only hear in mono, why Cher is the true innovator of 1990s music, and why there's more to Switzerland than cuckoo clocks.

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  • The No RipCast: Volume 2

    We discuss the launch of Spotify in America, how listening habits have changed, and the untimely death of Amy Winehouse. Plus, there's a look at the legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and music from two great new bands.

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  • The No RipCast: Volume 1

    No Ripcord is proud to present a brand new feature: The No RipCast. We're halfway through 2011, so four writers with thousands of miles between them have come together to share their views on the year so far. It's a leap into the unknown - yes, we're podcasting.

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