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(Young / Atlantic) Rating - 9/10
On the day CAPRISONGS was released, FKA twigs took to Instagram to call the mixtape a “journey back to myself through my amazing collaborators and friends.” After the cathartic self-examination of previous album, MAGDALENE, which came in the aftermath of a painful break-up coupled with health issues, CAPRISONGS promised something altogether lighter in tone. While “lighter” is certainly relative when it comes to twigs’ work, she does sound like she’s having more fun than ever. Snippets of conversation and voicemails pepper the tracks and, in some cases, provide a neat prologue. A duet with The Weeknd, tears in the club, provides the most eye-catching name on the guest list, but it’s the bouncing dancehall of papi bones with Shygirl and the clipped, coming-of-age hip-hop of darjeeling with Jorja Smith and Unknown T (also featuring an interpolation of late ‘90s breakbeat favourite You’re Not Alone by Olive) which are the best collaborations. The standout track, however, is oh my love: a put-down of useless boyfriends over trap beats and Cocteau Twins dream pop guitar where twigs can hardly suppress her glee at being able to play at being a pop star. It may lack some of the avant-garde experimentation and concepts of her full-lengths but after all she’s been through and all that she’s given us, CAPRISONGS feels like a victory lap.