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Fucked Up One Day

(Merge) Rating - 7/10

Known for their grand concepts, Fucked Up gives the term 'life-affirming' a whole new meaning on their sixth studio album. Their towering hardcore punk, led by gentle giant Damian Abraham, typically brims with optimism and vitality. But there's another key reason: the band recorded their shortest album to date—clocking in at 40 minutes—in only one day as if their lives depended on it. It's a challenging task, but in their capable hands, they deliver one unforced, shout-out anthem after another—mirroring the immediate tunefulness of their Canadian counterparts Japandroids' Celebration Rock. Does the celebration get too rowdy for its own good? Well, sometimes. The hook-driven energy can get way ahead of you if you're not fully committed to it. Even so, there's a lot to ponder in their resistance with closer inspection—whether it's the social damages of gentrification (Lords of Kensington), the worries of fatherhood (Roar), or the lasting impact of growing up in a hypermasculine environment (Broken Little Boys). The best track here is Cicada, sung by lead guitarist Mike Haliechuk, which captures the bittersweet crux of fading friendships over Warehouse era-recalling Hüsker Dü.