Latest Single Reviews

  • Chelsea Wolfe - "16 Psyche"

    Chelsea Wolfe is taking another step towards full-on metal on "16 Psyche", the savage first single off of her latest LP, Hiss Spun. It comes out on September 22 via Sargent House.

    Photo: Bill Crisafi

  • Fleet Foxes - "If You Need to, Keep Time on Me"

    American indie folk band Fleet Foxes have just released the third single off of their latest LP Crack-UpIf You Need to, Keep Time on Me, a more patient acoustic ballad that serves as a moment of calm respite to their otherwise more adventuours constitution.

    Crack-Up comes out June 16 through Nonesuch Records. The album is currently streaming in its entirety via... Read more

  • Ariel Pink - "Another Weekend"


    Oddball rock deconstructionist Ariel Pink has just released a new solo track, Another Weekend. The first we've heard of Pink since his collaboration with Weyes Blood, and his last solo outing pom pom, the gleaming new track follows the same template of his more pop-oriented singles but... Read more

  • Alvvays - "In Undertow"


    Canadian indie pop foursome Alvvays have just released "In Undertow", the first single off of their upcoming release Antisocialites. It comes out on September 8 via Polyvinyl.


    Read more
  • Merchandise - "Little Killer"

    An unwritten rule about thriving in the DIY punk and hardcore scene is that once you're in it you can't get out without suffering an involuntary expulsion from your peers if you change too much. Except that the songwriting pursuits of the Tampa, Florida act were skewed in a different direction from the start - sure, their last full-length Children of Desire was cloaked in a blanket of grey-hued reverb, but it was mostly a hindrance to the ringing, layered... Read more

  • Röyksopp & Robyn - "Do It Again"

    Between them, Röyksopp and Robyn have been responsible for some of the most exhilarating and interesting Scandinavian pop and dance music of the last decade, so hopes were already high for their upcoming mini-album. On the evidence of this, the title track, those hopes are now positively stratospheric. Between them, they’ve found the middle ground between Röyksopp’s... Read more

  • Big Boi - "Mrs. Vandebilt (feat. Wings, Little Dragon & Kelly Rowland)"

    If you’re wondering how Big Boi has cleared all the samples and legal wrangles likely to result from this collaboration, well… he hasn’t. Mrs. Vandebilt is part of Big Boi’s ongoing mash-up series and takes the instrumental track (plus some of Paul McCartney’s vocals) from the Band... Read more

  • David Lynch - "The Big Dream (Moby reworking feat. Mindy Jones)"

    David Lynch’s work is hardly known for its energetic qualities, but this Moby reworking of the title track from Lynch’s 2013 album manages to dial it down even further. Lynch’s vocals have been replaced by the barely-there whispers of Moby collaborator Mindy Jones giving an overall effect so tenderly languorous it’s similar to a peaceful reverie between sleep and wakefulness. The sweeping strings, simple percussion and hushed voices all melt into one somnambulating... Read more

  • Banks - "Goddess"

    The hotly-tipped Jillian Banks has recently announced the release of her debut album, but we’ll have a while to wait since it’s not out until September. To ease our pain, she’s put this, the title track, online and you can download it if you pre-order the album. It contains all the elements we’ve come to expect from Banks – icy atmosphere, minimalist beats, sparse electronics and beautifully understated emotion – but what really elevates this track is the... Read more

  • Fuse ODG - "Dangerous Love (feat. Sean Paul)"

    Any questions you may have on how Fuse’s afrobeats-infuenced UK hip-hop is going to meld with Sean Paul’s dancehall stylings are banished by the sheer exuberance of this track. The syncopated beat that drives Dangerous Love is akin to a galloping horse and while this song may not offer much... Read more