Latest Single Reviews

  • Charli XCX - "SuperLove"

    Less than six months after her full-length debut, True Romance, was released, Charli XCX is back with SuperLove, the first single to be taken from her next album. Moving slightly away from the Grimes-like, magpie-eyed... Read more

  • The Eccentronic Research Council - "Maxine's Dream (feat. Maxine Peake)"

    In 1964, Delia Derbyshire, arguably the inventor of modern electronic music, created a piece called The Dreams, where she - in collaboration with Barry Bermange - married ring modulation with fragments of various people recalling their dreams. Nearly half a century on, The Eccentronic Research Council have recorded a tribute with... Read more

  • Oneohtrix Point Never - "Zebra"

    The music of Daniel Lopatin (the mastermind behind Oneohtrix Point Never), has evolved considerably over the years, but no matter where his music has gone, it typically inspires a uniform reaction – to melt into your seat and allow waves of noise and vocal hiccups drown you. But Zebra, our latest taste of his new record, R Plus 7, is possibly his first to inspire... Read more

  • Kayo Dot - "Thief"

    I’m really fighting the urge to label Thief as one of the most outwardly aggressive metal tunes I’ve heard in quite some time, but in a purist sense, that just wouldn’t be true. Not to mention, it would be particularly erroneous (and somewhat unfair) of me to peg a group as eclectic and eccentric as Kayo Dot as solely a “metal” band. In actuality, Thief is a tumultuous blend of psychotic death metal, ambient drone, and sublime avant-jazz... Read more

  • Rob & Chloe Alper - "Juno"

    It’s fairly infrequent that a movie soundtrack features an original song that I can actually get behind. Most of the time, soundtracks are used as a cheap opportunity to give a fairly unknown artist the ol’ major label bump or worse, to give a lackluster film some extra pop culture support. And while Maniac isn’t a complete exception to this, the film does seem to take an entirely different approach to... Read more

  • R. Stevie Moore - "Sort Of Way"

    Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a new track from lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore, but I’m sure none of you out there in cyberspace have heard of it either way, so same difference right? Sort of Way was originally released on Moore’s 1973 album Invites Comparison, and like all other works by Moore, has remained virtually unnoticed for the last 40 years. Honestly, it’s a crime that... Read more

  • Dan Deacon - "Why Am I On This Cloud?"

    What do Adult Swim and Dan Deacon have in common? Well, aside from a penchant for stoner humor (See Deacon’s “Drinking Out Of Cups”) and a newly released single, not very much at all. That’s right, Dan Deacon has a new single out via Adult Swim’s Singles program, and it’s pretty damn good. Primarily composed from stock audio from the Adult Swim vault, Why am I on This Cloud?... Read more

  • Deafheaven - "Dream House"

    Before you even press play on Dream House, the latest track from San Francisco black metal act Deafheaven, you can clearly tell something’s not right. The album cover for their new album, Sunbather, is a bright, rosy pink – easily the least black metal color available – and the... Read more

  • Sonny & The Sunsets - "Green Blood"

    San Francisco garage trio Sonny & The Sunsets have always been a frolicsome, trippy bunch whose records hold a reputation for being wry, weird excursions in bizarre pop. Their latest, Antenna To The Afterworld, isn’t any different – it was inspired after main songwriter Sonny Smith had a paranormal encounter with a deceased friend... Read more